Rubio Presents Her New Album Venus & Blue Alongside The Short Film Nacimos Llorando

Los Angeles, CA (October 19th, 2023) — Rubio, the artistic experiment of renowned Chilean artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Francisca Straube, releases new album Venus & Blue via FAMA Collective. Produced in collaboration by Straube and Pablo Stipicic, Venus & Blue marks Rubio’s third full-length album and offers a captivating cinematic journey where each track weaves its unique narrative. The album beautifully balances two distinct realms Blue songs, characterized by their melancholy, loneliness, and existential themes, and Venus songs, which radiate love, heartbreak, warmth, and joy.

This dynamic interplay of contrasting energies invites listeners to explore duality, uniting themes of the outer and inner worlds, cold and warmth, loneliness and comfort, all harmoniously blended into the album’s immersive landscape.

Venus & Blue comes along with Nacimos Llorando, a musical short film featuring two original songs taken from the album, “Llorar” and “Kintsugi“, weaving these tracks into two interconnected narratives. The short is a fascinating fusion of music, visual storytelling and offers a distinctive and emotionally resonant artistic experience. Directed by Fernando Cattori with the support from Pandora production house, this audiovisual piece serves as a captivating conclusion to Venus & Blue.

Recently, Rubio was featured on New Music Friday lists for publications like Pitchfork and Rolling Stone for her latest singles. She also made her Grammy’s Global Spin debut with a performance of her most recent song, “Lo Que No Hablas“. This fall, the artist captivated crowds as the opening act for Ambar Lucid in select cities on her Estrella Part 2 Tour. Following the release of the album, you can catch Rubio on November 3rd opening for Reyno in Mexico City, at the Festival Fauna Primavera in Santiago, Chile on November 24th, and at Festival Tropico in Acapulco, MX on December 9th.

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Venus & Blue Track by Track by Rubio

“Lo Que No Hablas”
“For me, it is a very intimate song that reminds me of my childhood, I think we all have something that we don’t talk about with anyone. In terms of sound, I was eager to explore classical music with experimental and electronic music. It ended up being both a strange and emotional song.”

“I love the combination of dembow with the sort of bolero sound, it is as if it were a lament and a thank you for crying. I love playing with different styles and I think that in this song everything was very organic, it flowed well when composing. I like it a lot.”

“My favorite on the album, I love how experimental and powerful it is, the mix of rhythms makes it have something very playful and dynamic. I love the lyrics, writing it was a very grounding experience.”

“Montaña Rusa” ft. Catnapp
“It is an accelerated relief, like the city itself, the game of life is in such a hurry. I invited catnapp and I love how it turned out. She has a strength in her voice that fascinates me, she’s a very creative and talented person.”

“Tu Olor”
“It is both a dark and danceable song, with sexual and romantic overtones, kind of a letter or prayer to heaven for love. I love the dark and slightly aggressive sound it has, it’s something very different from what I’ve done before.”

“I think the lyrics of this song are something that happens often in today’s society. I see it day by day and I get anxious and full of existentialism. I think it is the softest song on the album, brighter but with sad and desolate lyrics.”

“Cuando El Sol Se Vaya a Dormir”
“A very different song from the others on the album, with a much more rock and post-punk sound with very literal and clear lyrics of heartbreak. I love that it is the indie song on the album and that the guitars are the main instrument.”

“Déjenme Aquí” ft. Andres Nusser
“A romantic song dedicated to my girlfriend, composed with a completely open heart. I invited the very talented Andrés Nusser, a friend and colleague who I really admire, and I loved that he was in this song. I hold this song really close to my heart.”

“Azul Primavera”
“This one was created in Mexico when I visited in spring. I love that it has Caribbean and dembow overtones, with powerful lyrics so that we can all hear them.”

“The end of the album, with sad and lonely overtones, acoustic, and then it comes in with the eighties vibe. I love the mix that was achieved. It’s a song that was made for a movie, but I wanted it to be on the album as the closing of Venus & Blue.”

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