Rita Indiana

Rita Indiana, Order Now! “Mandinga Times” Vinyl

Order Now! Mandinga Times is an album where Rita continues to explore different genres, sounds and styles. The album released in 2020, during the year of the pandemic, brings with it that rock essence that has always characterized Rita Indiana and her dominicanity in her language, difficult to disappear; a more political and serious work

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Tangowhiskyman presents their new album named The Wait

An ambitious 9-track album recorded with all the band members present at FAMA studios, which shows a conceptual work with a great vision of the adventures of the character Tangowhiskyman. The album begins with the epic track “Peter Pan”, an introduction that takes us into the expansive world of The Wait and the alter ego

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El Gran Poder De Diosa

El Gran Poder De Diosa’s latest single “Reloj de Arena”

Listen to their latest single “Reloj de Arena”. Defined as a futuristic merengue that takes us through the different cadences of the Dominican rhythm, creating electronic textures through the sounds of synthesizers typical of the musical color of the band”. This song features their most recent album of 9 tracks “Te Vamo’ a Eperá” that

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