Tangowhiskyman presents their new album named The Wait

tangowhiskymanAn ambitious 9-track album recorded with all the band members present at FAMA studios, which shows a conceptual work with a great vision of the adventures of the character Tangowhiskyman.

The album begins with the epic track “Peter Pan”, an introduction that takes us into the expansive world of The Wait and the alter ego of the Tangowhiskyman character. “A Conversation” brings us a trap beat spiced up by a funky bass-driven rhythm. The title track offers a psychedelic krautrock moment; while other tracks like “No Regret” express themselves with more danceable rhythms. The Wait represents a success in Tangowhiskyman’s career.

Likewise, the cover art of the album, refers to each of the songs, represented by a graphic element represented. We can see a head full of voices – as in ” Head Full of Voices”- as well as a portal representing “Peter Pan”, the Yin Yang for the track “Busy Living” and the four elements of “Element”. Both the name of the album and the title track are appreciated with the hourglass adorning the neck of the magician, who represents the main character-Tangowhiskyman-of the concept album. The band’s logo can also be seen in the composition of the image.

TangoWhiskyMan shared two singles before the album’s release. “Saturday” is a song with catchy melodies and deceptive sweetness. “Head Full of Voices” is a psychedelic dream marked by melodic vocals, unusual textures and a constantly contrasting vibe.

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