ZITO’s New Release – Slay


Emerging singer-songwriter Zito shares her debut single “SLAY” via FAMA Collective. Co-produced by Zito, Peter Reilly, and Brian Lange, the single showcases Zito’s defiant vocal strength while offering listeners a glimpse into her world. “SLAY” serves as much more than an introduction to Zito; it’s the beginning of a new and deeply personal project – a testament to Zito’s transition into her artistry, liberation, and personhood.

Speaking on the track, Zito shares, “Slay was an attempt to capture a feeling, or a flash of memory really, through the sound of the song rather than the song itself. Peter and I knew we wanted to keep [the production] stripped and dark, brooding throughout, and let it burn slowly toward the drop in the second chorus. We wanted it to feel like it gradually spiraled the way emotions do in toxic situations, mimicking the angst of bad decision-making and self-loathing.” Expanding on the video, she adds, “I think we captured that… the imagery, a ‘nighttime’ atmosphere, flashes of light and movement.”

Stream/watch “SLAY” and stay tuned for more news to follow from the budding artist.

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